Sunday, April 15, 2018

Lovely spring ballad:'Hello' from Sung SI Kyung and IU

For a mellow Sunday afternoon

It's you, it really is you
That warm gaze of yours is forever unchanging
Now do you see me? For a while, I've been looking at
the way the sunlight caresses your face

It could just be a dream, the word 'Hello' won't even form
I had so many things I wanted to say
Even in my dreams, I searched only for you
I don't want to hear that it's too late
You're avoiding my gaze
Can you see my heart?
I can't tell from your eyes
Wordlessly, I say to myself 'Hello'

I know (I know) that when it comes to the past (it was so very hard)
there are no 'maybes', but just once
had I run over to grab you (and you), had I held you just once
you may not have turned your back to me

It could just be a dream, the words 'hello' won't even form
I had so many things I wanted to say
Even in my dreams, I searched only for you
If by any chance, should your days have been troubled as well
Should you have missed me as well
You don't have to think twice
I can't lose you again because of hesitations
With a trembling voice, 'Hello'

That one day we'd surely meet again,
as long as I wished for it with all my heart
I believed in this all along. There'd be no more sadness
if we were to meet again

I'm grateful for this moment which came as a surprise
Should your lips be trembling as well
Should you feel like crying as well
Take my hand
Would it be OK if I held you once more?
Close enough to whisper, 'Hello'
Just like when we first met, 'Hello'

Saturday, October 15, 2016

A new chapter, a new experience

And so my voyage to 'adulthood' continues with an impromptu assignment to Manila. You can follow my exploration of this unexpected destination here. I thank my Geneva pals for taking care of my plants and empty mini studio in the meantime. I promise to not spend everything in food and bring some souvenirs.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New pressures

Who has never dreamed of being a head of something?

I wanted to be the boss and have always felt I liked to boss people around. Be careful of what you wish for is a saying I truly understand now. With a  new assignment in the works it finally dawned on me I will be an acting global head (without the salary)  of a team I still need to get acquainted with on paper (print that departmental diagram!).

Losing sleep, I am trying to find out what in my experience of micro-managing 3-4 colleagues would help me in my new task....the other half of the brain is trying to think of ways to take holidays while in a foreign country far far away in southeast Asia.