Saturday, November 10, 2018

My top 5 things to do when recovering from the flu

So despite being vaccinated from a few weeks ago, I managed to get some flu variant and got stuck in bed for a few days having cold sweats and unconscious dreams. My doctor even wore a mask with panic when I showed up for a consultation. And after 3 days straight in bed, I rediscovered the strange reality around, where the following activites seem to be the best I can do while recovering.

I recommend the following to avoid staring at screens and getting more fatigue.

1-daydreaming and dozing off
After all, you are still recovering and a bit of daydreaming and jogging your brain cells to do nothing is a great rest strategy. If you have the fridge full and laundry done, there is nothing else that matters. Even if you are tempted to tidy up and sort out your wardrobe or items lying around the house, your tired body will urge you to pause.

2-taking aimless walks
This is best if you live out in the countryside, as the fresh clean air will do great for your recovery. Whether going to the post office when it is closed, or going for some groceries and forgetting what to buy due to the extreme daydreaming, this activity will make you appreciate the season and the beautiful countryside around you, lifting your spirit and reinvigorating your sore body.

3-reading books
Yes, try to avoid screens as they will tire your head much faster than a real good book. Besides, a good book will help in achieving creative daydreaming and escape the predicament you are in. I love to browse travel magazines too when I have no new books to read.

Now this is a lost art these days: writing letters. Maybe it is the prospect of not seeing anyone for a few days, or the fact that friends and family are missed during those days stuck in bed. Writing lovely letters on pretty stationary is a timeless introspective moment. If not, reducing that pack of greeting cards or clearing the stationary box gives a refreshing feel. Alternatively you can try colouring books or painting. After all the daydreaming, you will be tempted to express yourself. So even writing poems or just whatever you think can be pretty satisfying.

I have a basket full of clothes to be mended and shortened so sewing in the sun is both practical and money saving task. It still allows for daydreaming and blanking out.

On an honorable mention, healthy cooking and thinking of the future can be enjoyed too but I must say they are far too tiring when under flu drugs.

There is also one thing you MUST NOT do: think about work.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Chi mi frena in tal momento, from Lucia di Lammermoor

This feeling....
A great performance that moved me to tears...emotions so raw

Chi mi frena in tal momento?...
Chi troncò dell’ire il corso?
Il suo duolo, il suo spavento
Son la prova d’un rimorso!...
Ma, qual rosa inaridita,
Ella sta fra morte e vita!...
Io son vinto... son commosso...
T’amo, ingrata, t’amo ancor!